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      Boat Rent World will offer you "The best part of your holidays" on the best destinations around the world. We are not a typical boat Charter website, we are a network of the best boats and yachts (from standard to Luxury) rental providers on the best destinations around the world. You can therefore rest assured that our rental options offered on our website are the best in each of our locations in terms of safety standards, value for money service, quality of service, quality of boats and yachts, sustainability and community impact, as we are all family run businesses highly passionate for what we do. So search no further and save your valuable time. We are born in Italy thanks to our family run parent company "Boat Rent Italy .com", so we are still a family run business connected to family run operators worldwide. We have a successful approach that position us as the leader in the industry compared to the many boat charter websites out there (usually own by money driven and impersonal big corporations). 


About Us  


      We are an exclusive network of the best boat and yacht rental providers around the world, all family run businesses offering you boat or yachts for rent (with captain), including luxury yachts, in the best destinations globally. Boat Rent World is owned and run by the family who founded Boat Rent, which by using a unique, innovative, meaningful and successful business model has become the leader of boat and yacht rental in this beautiful country. Our booking & customer center is still managed by this family from our headquarters in Lake Maggiore (near Milan in Italy), lead by its founder and director, Frederick, who also serves as the captain of our fleet in this beautiful destination. Captain Frederick has successfully built a Worldwide network in order to launch Boat Rent, exclusively selecting the best boat and yacht rental provider in each destination. Our family (Frederick and wife Blanka) counts with over 25 years' experience in the travel industry, share a passion for travelling, boats & yachts, and are extremely passionate about exceptional customer service. Each of our partners in each destination are equally experienced, share our same values and offer the best fleet and service, so you don't have to look further and have peace of mind that our choice is the best in terms of quality service, value for money service, boat or yacht conditions, sustainability and community impact.


Our History

     Boat Rent World started in 2021 with the destinations: Miami, Italy (Lake Maggiore, Portofino & Cinqueterre, Capri & Amalfi Coast, Costa Sermeralda in the North of Sardinia, Lake Garda and Lake Como) and the Maldives. Its founder family (Frederick, Blanka and their 2 beautiful girls) counts with 25 years of experience in the travel sector. Its parent company (also founded by Frederick and Blanka) Boat Rent Italy started in 2017 and in only 3 years it became the leading website for boat and yacht rentals in the Italian market, thanks to their unique business model as well as their personal and exceptional customer service. Thanks to this quick success, the support of our customers and our strategy to expand internationally, we decided in July 2020 to launch Boat Rent . After months of continuous efforts, Boat Rent World launched in January 2021 and is already starting to position itself as the best website for booking boats or yachts with captain in the best destinations around the world. We are in the process of expanding our network so follow us on our social media for keeping up to date on our newest destinations.                                                                                                 ______________________________________________

How we offer the best service to you     

      At Boat Rent World, we have carefully hand-picked the best operator in each area and they all meet our high selection criteria. This supports our commitment to provide the highest customer service, as well as impacting positively in the development of the local communities and the sustainable tourism in all our locations.

​      Your booking is done through us but you pay directly to the boat owner as we are not intermediaries (we don't work on commission over the boat owner's price). Therefore we promise you the best price (the same or at times cheaper than if booking directly with the boat or yacht owner), and that you will also get the best value for money service in each of our destinations. We do this by using a unique business partnership, based on a multilevel and strong collaboration.  Each one of our partners will have the pleasure to show you the best spots and secret places in your destination, and will be at your service so you can fully relax with your friends, family or romantic companion, whether it is for a rental of a few hours, for a few days or more.

     Our rental services has a range of competitive packages designed to meet different needs, and flexibility will be offered wherever possible. There is also the possibility to offer a tailored package on request (i.e. honeymoon, business event, fireworks' display, longer cruises on our yachts, etc). On each destination offered you will find detailed information.

     We are passionate about excellent customer service and we will deliver a personal and friendly service to our guests, ensuring that your experience with us is “the best part of your holidays”.

      Why we are your best choice of boat rental Worldwide:

  • We are NOT a typical boat charter website. These websites are owned by big corporations where anyone can post a boat to charter, sometimes without having the right insurance or permissions to do so, then you pay them a commission on top for their service, which is impersonal and money-driven. Boat Rent World is a network of family owned and run businesses where you don't have a middle-man offering you a charter but instead you are dealing and paying for your service directly to the Boat owner. Your booking process and customer support is offered directly by our Founder & Director, Frederick. This is how personal our customer service and care is when dealing with us :) .     

  • Save time booking with us compared to researching on the countless and impersonal charter websites. We have already picked the best provider for you in each location, where you will get the best service at the best price (The same or at times cheaper than if booking directly with the boat owner). 

  • Our core values are: safety, high professionalism, excellent, friendly, approachable and personal customer service, flexibility and honesty. We will treat you with the highest standards you deserve. Furthermore, we are fully committed to support a sustainable tourism in the areas where we operate.

  • Our boats are in excellent condition, fully equipped, very practical and comfortable. Our luxury yachts are the best on this category in every sense of the word. This ensures you have an excellent and unique  experience with us in all our locations.

  • We put our heart and soul to achieve 100% satisfaction to every customer, trying to meet their different needs. Furthermore, as part of your booking we offer you our local knowledge should you need advise before planning your trip (where to stay, etc) or during your trip (places to visit, where to eat, etc). 

  • We offer you the best value for money service available on boat and yacht rentals in all our locations.

  • We are Multilingual and Multicultural: We fluently speak English at all our locations. At our contact center we are fluent in: English, Italian, Spanish and Polish. During your rental your Captain and crew speak English fluently and a combination of other languages depending on the location (French, Spanish, Russian, German, Thai, Malay, Chinese, etc).

With all these reasons you just need to get in touch with us and start planning the "Best part of your Holidays" in one of our boats or yachts. 


     For more information and to book please call, Whatsapp or Telegram: +39 329 658 6347 , use the contact form below or use the chat icon on the website.

Our Locations


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